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Learning from the past......

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All of us have different backrounds and experiences since staring our businesses no matter how long ago. We would like to think that we have learned from our mistakes of from our experiences but it is not always the case. Since most of us use this site as a learnig tool and respect the advice of our peers, I thought this would be a good question. The question here is, looking back at your positive and negative business experiences, what would you have done differently to effect how your business stands today.
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WOW Neps,

That's a deep one. And a very personal one. Being on these forums and having the little dinner gathering in Norfolk a few months ago with ContractorTalk members, I learned one thing .... no, two things.
1) Most of you guys are so much more orientated around running a business than I.
2) I do not have the "personality" or the motivation to do so. I've tried, but it just weren't my cup of tea.

So, what I have learned, is to know my capabilities, my stregnths, my weaknesses, my true desires and to not be something I ain't.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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