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Learning what to pay and charge out for employees.

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Good evening everyone I'm new to this community and have a lot of experience painting for other people and have recently decided to go out on my own with one partner. We both have many years of experience being Foreman's and Lead painters but the one thing that we get confused on is how much markup do we charge out to the homeowner on top of what we pay our hourly wage to that employee? I'm still a couple months away from getting my license fingers crossed, but I am trying to start learning the ins-and-outs on the business side as soon as possible. Our goal is to pay at the competitive rate or above to try to create a good work relationship with our employees and possibly eventually offer bonuses and profit sharing.

Thanks for the time everyone and I appreciate any input I get good or bad.
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My top paid employee is about half of what my hourly rate is. My hourly rate includes all my overhead.
I'm not saying it's the best way to do things, but it seems to work out for me.
If your able to charge out that much, you should be paying your top guys way more. Imo. Where I live, I certainly couldn't get 3 to 4 times what I pay my guys. For painting anyways. That's crazy.
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