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Legal issue

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Haven't posted in a while, ran into a bit of a conflict.

Those who remember me know I am a small young company. Here's the issue: Contract is in place to repaint the entire interior the same colors over the existing colors. HO returned from vaca and says (lies) that he was surprised to see one of the rooms was not the right color after our conversation to change the color. No conversation ever happened.
The room is big 16 foot ceilings etc. He will not make the final payment on the interior until I show up and start work on the exterior and agree to repaint that room for free on a rain day. I have not intention of starting the exterior after his bull. nothing has been mentioned about quality. My plan is to show up, unload my ladders for the ext, grab the check and if it clears load back up and leave. This guy is a gozillionaire who made me feel like pile of crap the whole time I worked there. Anything I should be worried about?
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yes the lien process and do not even think of doing the exterior I wouldn't even bring my ladders near there. :)
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