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list of cheap suppliers

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i want to get a list of online stores that sell paint supplies cheap. like brushes,roller covers,tape. there has got to be cheaper places than local stores. i was checking out the for starts looks like they have good prices.
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I like buying online.

Local paint stores don't carry the brushes I like.

Local paint stores don't carry the rolling equipment I like (poles, frames, & buckets).

Local paint stores don't like to keep extra stock in normal sized drop clothes.

Local paint store agrees to order you all of these things, so long as you buy in bulk, but won't touch the online guys prices, then STILL never come through for you after you waited 2 damn weeks.

So yep, I'll buy online where I can click "order", pay less, pay $9.99 for shipping, and get what I wanted in about 3 days on my door step. I do let them know often though where I get my supplies. Maybe one day they'll get the hint & work with contractors rather than try to force them into buying what they're going to make the most money on.
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