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log cabins

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Ive got a log cabin to estimate. It was last painted about five years ago. Customer wants to use "Woodsman" oil based product same as was used last time. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
What I thought I would do is pressure wash it, tape & mask windows etc, then spray and brush it out?
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If the customer likes Woodsman use it. Otherwise I wood recommend Sikkens Log and Siding.


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I know a contractor out here that does a lot of log cabins. He says not to pressure wash, he uses corn cob blasting to remove old finish.
Corn cob blasting is recommended for failed Sikkens finishes. It is expensive and should be done by Pro's in the Log Home field. You need $$$ equipment to CC Blast log homes. Read and explain the back of the can to homeowners for directions for maintaining Sikkens exterior finishes. You need to MAINTAIN exposed areas every 2-3 years before you have to call the blast guys. It is an expensive product. Not nearly as expensive as blasting it off every five years and re-finishing though.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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