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Log Home Stainning

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Has anyone ever heard of OneTime Log stain? I know back in the day they have had it for decks but now they have it for logs. A log home builder prefers us to use the OneTime but after walking through and looking at the product on the surface it really doesnt look that great and im really not sure why he wants to go with it, im assuming price. The product seems really thick and waxy. I tried to explain materials are cheaper than labor and he shouldnt cut any corners when it comes to material but I think he is stuck on this product. We generally use Wood Gaurd, Cabbots, or Sikkens. If anyone has any insight or hands on use of the OneTime product please let me know. Thank you
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Sounds like a sealer rather than a stain. 100% solids, no water, solvents or waxes. cures in "and becomes part of" the wood.
It's best to ***** after the stain is on.

Do a google on it, there's a few anwers, like stain first then use ***** paint to match the stain.
These paticular homes have no chinking but usually we do the chinking last.
i do really believe it will last the 7 to 9 years like they say but the appearence is very flat and has no life to it. longevity or appearence?
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