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Hiring. My least favorite task. I would start with an ad at the paint stores and maybe craigslist leaving only a fax# to send a resume. Hire slow and fire fast. Be very selective. Collect resume's. Check references and do background checks. I went through 8 painters this summer, but was so busy I didnt take the time to properly screen. Lesson learned. Went through 8 of the worst painters I have had the misfortune of working in my 30 year career. :( Next season will be different. ;)
Nail on the head. the president of a former employer of mine told me that he will start hiring new blood when we have a major project of 6 months +. when i queried as to the why his response was that in those 6 or more months he can afford to run through 20-30 prospects to find the 1 or 2 that are worth having.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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