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A Epoxy floor as you all know .is a concrete floor coated with a polymer material to become wear resistant , tough...generally done in Industries.

We are a distributor of epoxy flooring company.
we wish to target a Industrial area for selling epoxy flooring.This Industrial area has companies working in the same business domain and have similar flooring needs,
Our rates for flooring are high compared to local competitors.
we can offer a sandblasting machine and a spray machine , which will result in very good flooring and rapid work. which the others will find it difficult to offer. because these machines are capital equipment and they only prove viable when the flooring area is considerable.

The idea is to convince 20, many as possible .such companies to get their floor done through us and get our quality and speed at an economical price.

the question is how do market the concept to all ?
What Marketing collateral do we prepare?
how do we generate every bodies interest? and signup thier names on a list.
how do we ensure people dont back out at a later stage?

your valuable suggestions, comments, ideas are requested.
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