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Marine Spar Varnish

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My preferred coating for my wallpaper table has been McCloskey's Man-O-War Spar Varnish - Gloss.

The stuff is very hard to find now - Varspar owns McCloskey (new acquisition ?)

Question: Any Massholes know where I can find McCloskey's without driving TOO far.

Last time I refinished the table I used Miniwax Poly. The poly is just to brittle for cutting on. Man-O-War always seemed to be resilient and have some "self healing" aspects (I can only guess that the Man-O-War had "softer" resins that would flow back together after being lightly cut into)

Question: Who makes the best marine varnish that also is resilient like I found the Man-O-War to be ?

Valspar is sold around here at Aubuchon, but the local store could not find the M-O-W on their web interface. They do carry Last n Last marine spar varnish. My last experience with Last n Last was with their poly, and I was NOT impressed.

Question: Anyone have experience with Last n Last spar varnish?



UPDATE EDIT: Just called a boat yard in Duxbury MA where I'll be this Saturday, and they carry Epathane varnish. Anyone know about it?
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Yeah that MOW just fell off of a bunch of shelves
It's a distributer thing...whatever that means
If you've got a True Value nearby, they used to carry it, or at least used to be able to get it it (again a distributer thing)
...maybe your local TV has got a few cans leftover, might be worth a call
...the ones around here aren't old enough to have stock that old.
As I understand it, it was dropped in the last month or so
I went looking for it a few weeks ago, and they said their re-order never came in
It took a few no-shows for them to call and get the "dropped by distributor" story
So...maybe a few months tops
As far as urethanes go, Sikkens is probably going to be your most durable.
I'm not sure if the Marine and Marine Gloss are urethanes, but they are killer
I believe the Door & Window is, and it is "softer" than the Marine
Might be too soft actually...that's what makes it work so well on windows and doors
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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