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McMansion humor….Dining room pictured in a whimsical McMansion I worked on spanning nearly 20 years.

1519419666_19 Fox Nahem Dining Room 1
Although the following Maurizio Cattelan wax sculpture pictured is now in a gallery on public display, it was originally purchased by the client and installed in the entry foyer floor at the same home pictured above.
The client also had a set of Maurizio Cattelan miniature elevators like the ones pictured installed in the entry foyer along with a ten foot rubber alligator not pictured guarding the entry door. The art handler freaked when we were prepping the adjoining drywall for wall coverings after not realizing how expensive the elevators were..

Most of the whites pictured @ the following link to home were Chantilly Lace which was the first and only time I’ve had that color spec’d out and/or used it..

Southampton Beach House by Fox-Nahem Associates
Love the High end Low-Brow sculptures pics...
Thx for sharing them
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