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B 4 getting into business, medical coverage was a must. After doing my research i found the best coverage through the chambers of commerce. I pay $438.65 per month with a $20.00 Dr. co-pay and $15.00 drug co-pay. Where do you guys obtain your medical coverage? Maybe there is something out there that i'm not aware of.

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Do you mean in place of workers comp?
I'm assuming it's med ins.
Individual Medical Insurance
400 a month would be a great price if it covered anything
20/15 co-pays are great for 400 a month med ins.
(I'd expect the co-pays to be higher with the affordable monthies)

Could be the area I'm in, but that's a pretty good deal

In Mass we have new laws so everybody gets medical insurance
Mitt wants to make it nationwide when he's elected president

...oh, btw...the law is "If you don't purchase medical insurance, you get fined"
Not "everybody gets free med. ins."
There's a difference

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You're right, Slickshift... $00 would be a good deal if it actually covered something... They'll cover up to $5k or something like that...

I had med for the whole fan damily at a big co, and when they cut me loose, they handed me this REALLY thick, totally stuffed envelope...

Remember that arkansas fella that was pres for a long time?
the envelope was full of the paperwork for the "portable health insurance" he enacted into law... COBRA it was/is called.

Bottom line was, for $1,500 a month, I could continue on the same crummy co-pay I had working at that place, 'til they fired me.

I'm sure it was better than the zero we got today, though.

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Bottom line was, for $1,500 a month, I could continue on the same crummy co-pay I had working at that place
don't you love when they offer for you to keep it after you leave?
When they send the paperwork and it's 3-4 times what you we're paying

We need some major changes in this area with the new prez. Especially for small businesses with and without employees

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Whew! Xtremely sensitive subject Rich, this thread...
I don't think we can blame it on any administration, as I did above,
though each ceo does leave his mark.
It's a general attitude of the citizenry that prevails.
IMO, the vast improvements in society have just not reached many of those in need. Society is to be judged by the quality of life of the common man.
Something should be done, when retired folks can lose everything, to the point of being put on the street, due to care for a catastrophic illness, as they call it.
Socialized medicine... where does it end?
It doesn't.
Government simply becomes more invasive, hedging on personal freedom and liberty, each day.
Small business IS the business of the country.
WE make the world go around.
NOT those corporate multi-nationals.
They are licensed to provide goods to US, for our benefit.
Somehow circumstances have become inequitable.
No law has mandated real property be maintained to preserve it's value and protect the tax roles, yet, I must have bonds and liability coverage, mandated by law, to protect that property should incidental damage occur as I repair it.
Go figure.
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