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? Muralo dealer

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So where are they located? I know I have seen there name at PDCA pro shows. And all of the good talk from the other thread is making me do a little research
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Muralo Paints

Over the past 8 years, it has been an honor to sell Muralo Ultra
interior Finishes and Ultimate exterior Paint finishes. It has been such an easy upsell to all of our high end contractors to experience the wonderful flow, ease of applications and professional looks these paints provide. With newly arriving competetive paints in the waterborne market, Muralo is still the easiest to sell because of competetive price and quality.I have had an easy time of retaining time after time repeat users of all of the Muralo product lines. give it a try today for flawless professional results!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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