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My employee can't paint!!!

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I'm still small with only 2 guys...(one being a helper) And my painter just isn't a good painter. He's a hard worker..doesn't even take a break. But just
learned the basics and felt that was enough. He can't cut for crap. And he doesn't listen..... Yesterday I said 3 times.."utilize the hot dog roller to face off the trim again"'s a apartment repaint...and he just brushed everything waisting valuable time (& my $$)...I mean he brushed 5 doors..and when I checked them they all had runs!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could just find one guy who can paint as well as I'd like. Maybe I'm not paying enough....but I haven't found one in years that I feel can paint as well as I do.Now I'm not saying I'm god...just a painter you don't have to check on all the time. How the hell could I ever get out of the bucket if no one working for me has any talent?

I actually toyed with putting this on craigslist...but I'm not sure...
What do you guys think?

Is anyone a real painter?I own a small paint company, and have yet to find anyone who can cut a straight line...paint a door the proper way..or even show up every day without an excuse.
Is there any real painters out there?

I'm looking for someone who has been painting for years & prides himself on the quality of work he produces. Someone who can eventually go to my customers houses by themselves to complete work. Someone who can listen and is not afraid of learning. Someone who can run a crew, eventually maybe run my business.

I'm looking for someone who likes to paint.
You must have a vehicle (that runs in any weather)
You must not show up dressed like a scumbag. (please tie your shoes)
Someone who doesn't think they too have a paint company, just because they printed a card on the computer.

If this even comes close to describing you, please send me an email
and tell me about yourself. Thank you.
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The biggest problem I have had with finding work - is I know who the good painters are out there. You meet these guys haphazardly - but they are working for some SOB - but unlike me, this SOB has a constant flow of work. And this good painter has a family to feed. So my problem is finding enough work that I could responsibly offer the guy a job. Because if I could, he would leave the other job in a heartbeat!

I have developped a concept called 'coalition-painters'. And this is a group of like minded individuals who are all painters/business owners - who for the most part are by themselves, or had crews but are back to being by themselves. What we do - is when one of us has a contract - we go work for that person for a normal wage - and the vice versa. This is a network of painters, and between us we know a few good workers that have helped on weekend projects and their work was great. My intentions is that through advertizing - we can use a guy like this between us, after we lured him from his contractor and keep him gainfully employed. This in turn will allow us to grow and do more work.

I have had plenty of bums myself, and plenty of backtalk on the job - even experience being yelled at - for the suggestion of sanding back down ready patch on the nail holes - if you can believe that? What I have found is that I can easily gross 70k in sales off my own back - but some of jobs are just too much to handle - and that's when your fellow 'coalition' contractors can come and help out. The hope is eventually - between us, we can get a 'good' guy - and keep him employed all year long.
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