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My employee can't paint!!!

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I'm still small with only 2 guys...(one being a helper) And my painter just isn't a good painter. He's a hard worker..doesn't even take a break. But just
learned the basics and felt that was enough. He can't cut for crap. And he doesn't listen..... Yesterday I said 3 times.."utilize the hot dog roller to face off the trim again"'s a apartment repaint...and he just brushed everything waisting valuable time (& my $$)...I mean he brushed 5 doors..and when I checked them they all had runs!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could just find one guy who can paint as well as I'd like. Maybe I'm not paying enough....but I haven't found one in years that I feel can paint as well as I do.Now I'm not saying I'm god...just a painter you don't have to check on all the time. How the hell could I ever get out of the bucket if no one working for me has any talent?

I actually toyed with putting this on craigslist...but I'm not sure...
What do you guys think?

Is anyone a real painter?I own a small paint company, and have yet to find anyone who can cut a straight line...paint a door the proper way..or even show up every day without an excuse.
Is there any real painters out there?

I'm looking for someone who has been painting for years & prides himself on the quality of work he produces. Someone who can eventually go to my customers houses by themselves to complete work. Someone who can listen and is not afraid of learning. Someone who can run a crew, eventually maybe run my business.

I'm looking for someone who likes to paint.
You must have a vehicle (that runs in any weather)
You must not show up dressed like a scumbag. (please tie your shoes)
Someone who doesn't think they too have a paint company, just because they printed a card on the computer.

If this even comes close to describing you, please send me an email
and tell me about yourself. Thank you.
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We went throught that with a guy this summer. Nice guy. Hard worker. Couldnt cut or do clean brushwork on trim. We decided that it comes down to two things when assessing and trying to resolve this issue:

1. The person's eye for detail isnt developed to the point where they see things to the excruciating level that you do. (Musicians speak of having the "ear", well we have the "eye".

2. The person's eye is developed enough, but they just don't care enough to solve the problem.

The best you can do is assess his attitude and see if it is something you can reform. People are incredibly simple sometimes. If you don't show him point blank what exactly you are unhappy with, he will not figure it out. Also, if you tell him to whiz roll and backbrush the doors, its your responsibility to make sure he does it the way you asked him to, and if he is an employee who isnt working according to the direction you give him, then it will be pretty easy grounds for letting him go when you get to the point where you cant stand it anymore. Anyone out here who has employees or ever has had employees knows this whole dance...Ride it out. When a good one shows up you will be in heaven.
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Just another tactic that can work is to "catch him doing something right" and compliment him. Sometimes success breeds success. And sometimes you really have to set him up for success. Create a situation where he completely understands what you are asking him to do so that there is no way he can miss the target. Then give him a compliment. Sounds touchy feely, but who doesnt like to hear when they did something well?

If you think he has potential, show him the bad doors and explain what he needs to improve. Tell him he has 3 weeks to correct it or you will have to let him go. If he improves, keep him and reward him with a small raise. Kind of ironic to be talking doors with a guy who looks just like Jim Morrison.
There's old chips curve ball.
Speaking just for me, I have missed the dude.

Here's the windup and the pitch...
I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then, whoosh and I'm gone.. and they'll never see anything like it ever again, and they won't be able to forget me - ever.
Don't get too big, brother!

But seriously, you do all the shenanigans, but then once in a while you come out with something pretty intelligent that lends just enough credibility to keep you here as something more than the court jester. Through the whole ugly joe invasion, it made me appreciate all the laughs you share. I think the new better balanced ******** is great.
I guess I may not get out of the bucket.... I doubt I would be able to put up with the quality work that most of the guys do. :blink:

I wish I could find the words to describe to you how happy I am with the quality of work that my crew of employees puts out every day, without my constant supervision. I think it would give you some hope. But then, it sounds like your mind is made up.
many of the guys who want a job just have more issues that I care to deal with.
Really I would love to post here I have a crew of 100 guys and they are all turing out 5 star jobs, while cutting and rolling 200 SqFt per hour..:thumbup:
Your concerns are universal. Everyone in the trades has trouble finding good people. Sometimes you are better off to take an absolute beginner as an apprentice and train them to do it the right way. You would be amazed at the return on that investment after 2 months with proper training. Someone mentioned on here earlier that they advertise for employees constantly, even when they dont need them to try to find the right people. Sometimes you get lucky and attract people from outside the local talent pool. Its not easy for anyone to put together a good crew and it takes time. Therein lies the paradox...if you are painting 40 hours a week and taking care of all the business, when do you have the time?
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