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My Tsunami Visit.

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So I made the trek to Madison today and visited with Tsunami. I learned a lot about practical application that I otherwise wouldn't know about. I wasn't sure about HVLP, AAairless and those types of things, but learned quite a bit about what a huge pain they could be.

We were testing the paint out on some steel cellar doors... the old-timey ones like people would run into to get away from a tornado. The paint looked good where it applied evenly, but my feeling about it was that we had trouble dialing what the setting for the gun should be. I guess that will be one of the challenges of learning how to apply this type of paint for you guys.

We had a lot of great conversations about DTM Alkyds vs. standard acrylics and what the durability benefits are. Fortunately Tsunami was prepared and had a piece of trim ready to go and he brushed some of the paint on there and it looked amazing in one coat. We even took some pictures of black painted on an old black car door. The gloss level on it surpassed that of the car door. Hopefully once he gets it sorted out he can post some pictures of the finished product. I'll let Tsunami give an honest assessment of the paint to you guys if he chooses, but I have to say this was one of the more educational experiences I've had.

Pics are incoming!

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Well look at how big Tsunami has gotten...a personal visit from a pro on the forum...
And we cant even get NEPS to come to Vermont for drinks...
Perhaps Tsunami can take a few pics of his new collection of Rust-Oleum stuff and make Scott drool over his uber new collection of aerosols. :notworthy:

Laugh it up, funny boy. You will regret this snub October for sure.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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