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Hello. Bumped into a H.O at Sherwin Williams who really didn't want to do his own work. Asked me to take a look and I have a descent idea on what do but Id like a second opinion.

Bottom side of the door gets hit the by sun. Top half is mostly in tacked but a few minor areas. Now homeowner says its a natural finish so its possible just a clear finish on top of the wood.

What I was thinking was. removing flaking pieces until it stops. Sanding the good spots with 320. Cleaning the weathered areas. Re clearing the door. Now I realize that the new and old may not mesh or might they if cleaned well?

Other option sanding all of the weathered areas and the whole door until the finish is gone and redoing a new natural finish. When he said he had sun damage I was expecting a lot worse however even though it isn't a lot of damage I want to do this as good as possible.

1 more idea I had was cleaning the weathered area with some deck wash or wood brightener but I have never not treaded the whole area and using that on just a portion of the door maybe not good or needed...idk.

Any tips appreciated.

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