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Need advice on a large project

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I am 3 weeks into a very large project compared to what we usually do. The payment terms we agreed to are 30 days however, due to the size of the project we had to bring in subcontractors to help. They are billing me weekly and expect payment at the same time. We went to the bank and borrowed money to help cover the added expense and this is to be paid back in 2 mths time. I was about to deliver the checks to the subs when I run into another painting contractor and we start discussing the project. I tell him about the subs and he says don't pay them in full. Give them half and tell them your waiting on money. He said go as long as you can without touching the loan. I like to pay on time and like to be paid on time. This contractor does a lot of large projects. What would you do?
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Sounds to me like ya got in over your head man, been there done that. I try to learn from every little mishap that I run into on this path of makin a livin my way. I take notes on the ones that I have run into trouble with and attach it to file, that way I gotter for future reference. as for your word on pay? if you already shook on it,, then best stick to it. might need help later? I as a rule like my pay weekly (if its a large project,) other wise when Im done.
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