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need advice on breaking free from 35 year family business

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Hello- My father stared our business 35 yrs. ago and has retired and my brother is now owner and I run our crews, I would really like to go out on my own but I'm afraid of stepping on toes. Our name in our community is very well known and I'm afraid it could cause problems. Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Mic71
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Well, My dad started the business 35 years ago, we are the largest paint contractors in our area. In the past few years my dad retired and my brother took over (rightfully so) my brother stayed right there and learned directly from my dad, I stepped out for a while not knowing what I wanted to do, and realized painting is what I know. I'm not sure what other painters make but I get paid $21.00 an hour which I know is about the highest in our area unless it's prevail. I've got some rental property and I've flipped a few houses, I'd like the freedom to own my own business and be able to supervise my property, and I just don't have that freedom with working for my brother. I'd like to be making the money he is making (along with that comes alot of headache, I know! I'm really trying to weight that out. My brother mainly deals with commercial painting and I thought it may be a moral thing if I stayed away from that and stuck with new residential construction??? My last name is very well know and I'm afraid it will lead to some confusion. I have a great relationship with my family, I just don't want to be his employee for the rest of my life, I'd like to do something for myself. I just feel like there is more out there. I'm trying to figure out how hard will it be to make it as a small painting business, our area is swamped with the one or two man crews, very competitive, but I have the benifit of knowing a lot of contacts. I'm also not sure what it will cost me in the way of insurance and so on....

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That's something else! I just talked to my brother today!! He wants to help me and give me all the residential business with a little percent for himself to cover overhead costs, we'll stay under the same company and just back eachother up. Hey guys it's a cut throat world in the paint business and I guess blood is thicker than water.... thanks for all the advice from everyone. He completly understood I just wanted to better myself, and he knew we would head that direction he was just waiting till I came to him.
Thanks, That's great advice... I'm humble enough to know to walk softly. When we start this it will be a small crew and myself under my brothers guidance. Keep in mind dear ol' Dad is retired yet he still comes into work every day, I'm sure he'll make a great referee. This could make for a good t.v. show!
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