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Need some quick help truck canopy descision

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I ordered an A.R.E. DCU contractor's truck canopy for my full size long bedded chevy. It comes standard with full length side doors, which I wanted for access to the sides so i don't have to crawl in there so much, but im wondering if having the built in "tool shelf" on the drivers side would be better?

Im a one man show doing interior/exterior residential repaints.

Any thoughts?
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Thanks for the responses, i didn't get a chance to read em before i choose, but i went with no box. I'm 5'7'' and was worried about not being able to reach in there very far with my height, but i stood next to the truck and it looks good. Plus im going to lower the truck just a tad as well. I really like the idea of the tool-box against the front side of the bed. Thanks for that one!

I know what you mean about the poles, i thought that would be a great place for them too. I think maybe rubber coated (for friction) hooks in the ceiling could work good too.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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