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Need some quick help truck canopy descision

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I ordered an A.R.E. DCU contractor's truck canopy for my full size long bedded chevy. It comes standard with full length side doors, which I wanted for access to the sides so i don't have to crawl in there so much, but im wondering if having the built in "tool shelf" on the drivers side would be better?

Im a one man show doing interior/exterior residential repaints.

Any thoughts?
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Well first off you did the right by buying ARE and not swiss, I have an ARE with side doors no boxes and wouldn't have it any other way if you get the boxes on the side then you still would have to crawl in to get something that was up front and on the drivers side.

I put a shelf in mine towards the back of the bed that I can put smaller stuff on and can reach it from either side door when opened.

My reasoning about ARE over Swiss is a lot guys have noted that Swisses caps start rusting out around the handles and the aluminum is thinner. I have had my ARE for 8 years and have painted once since I bought a new truck that was different color then the original color that I bought the cap in. (ARE red is a match to dodges flame red and my newer dodge was the burgundy so I paid 500$ to paint it, thats was cheaper than buying new cap)
Thanks for the responses, i didn't get a chance to read em before i choose, but i went with no box. I'm 5'7'' and was worried about not being able to reach in there very far with my height, but i stood next to the truck and it looks good. Plus im going to lower the truck just a tad as well. I really like the idea of the tool-box against the front side of the bed. Thanks for that one!

I know what you mean about the poles, i thought that would be a great place for them too. I think maybe rubber coated (for friction) hooks in the ceiling could work good too.
Yes I hang my poles also used zip ties of all things was able to slide them in and under the braces up at the top of cap and just slide the pole thru. Good luck with the cap!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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