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New company names

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I was thinking.....

Convict Painting
"Truth in advertising"


Starving Artists


[Your name here]
"Make the check out to me!"
Whactha think? :jester:​
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Oooo how about....

Run of the mill
"When the second best is good enough"

The Birdies...
Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap
Hands on Painting​

"making it wet since 1989"​
Crackhead A With A Brush Part Time Painting Company
"Make your first payment in cash and we're gone"
Fly by Night Painting
"We're in we're out!"​
House Arrest Painting

We HAVE to stay till the job is done
LMAO i vote for this one.
How about this one:

Pintores Inmigrantes Ilegales

Escupimos en las memorias de sus antepasados!
funny that's deep, like 6 feet deep, lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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