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New Construction Interior Pricing

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I'm an established painting contractor for many years but these past five years have been almost exclusively doing residential repaints both int. and ext. Work comes by referral. A prior customer wants us to paint his new being constructed 3200 sq ft house. All walls & ceilings three coats with various colors throughout, a complete painted millwork package with window wraps, 24 doors & jambs, baseboards and crown. The painting portion was excluded in the owner's contractors agreement in order for us to be the owner's painter. Price to be negotiated. So my question is what is a ball park per sq. ft. 'on the floor' price for a total high-end painted interior such as I am about to negotiate with the owner. He wants a turn key job with few or no extras. Exterior is separate and is much easier to agree on a price. Thanks for any input offered. Lee
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