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Why work when you can make a fortune on YouTube. Lots of trades people are doing it, plasterers, tapers, drywallers, painters, handymen, tile setters, wall paper hangers, etc, etc.
There is an Ottawa, Ontario, handyman on YouTube that makes a pretty good living off his "HomeRenoVision DIY channel.
It gave him huge advertising value BUT his real world reviews are pretty bad, he takes forever to get things done, leaves people hanging mid job and so on. When he gets a bad review he threatens a court action if they refuse to take it down. I wonder how many others are as unreliable in the real world.

My son was a videographer / film maker. He is now a fairly renowned theater reviewer. What I know from his experience is filming requires all of your focus, how can you work a reno and film and have both of decent quality. As we all know, some of those painters are pretty shabby. Still, the biggest know-nothings on the planet can make fortunes on YouTube, why get your hands dirty doing actual work?! Most of what is on YouTube is trashy bunk but it makes real money!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts