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I haven’t received any applications since last year sometime. In a typical year I receive a couple dozen inquiries throughout the year.

I’ve heard it speculated that the Boomer Generation retired ‘en masse’ during Covid, leaving a worker shortage. That’s certainly one explanation. Differing ideas regarding work/balance from the up-and-coming generations might also account for some of the labor shortages everyone has been experiencing.
I hate to resort to the tired "snowflake" trope, but I hear it A LOT from guys through out the trades.

Story time: A few months ago I was chilling at a local bar after work and started talking to some random dude. Turns out he was a GC and asked for my card. Cool!

A little later this kid comes in and sits near us. He starts talking to the GC about how he is looking for work. The GC said he is always looking for reliable labor and asks the kid about his skill set.

This little punk straight up says, "Well, what kind of job are you offering? I need to make sure you are worth my time to work for". I couldn't help but to laugh in his face.

A couple of other guys catch this and proceed to start busting his balls. The kid throws a hissy fit about how "mean" they were.

Sorry kid, that was your interview. If you can't handle someone teasing you for drinking Michelob Ultra you are not going to last a day on an actual job site!
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