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It’s been hard for me to find good help on any of the painting projects I’ve taken on. New, old… Outside, inside. Prep, Finish.
That being said, I think the biggest challenge in new construction jobs, from a subcontracting painter’s perspective, is that much of your destiny is dictated by the builder. If a builder is in over his head on a project (inept), or simply doesn’t care (corrupt), than many things will be done incorrectly and/or in the wrong order.

I’ve worked for builders who, for no good reason, had carpeting/flooring installation prior to painting (yes, I know a good painter can keep it clean regardless. But increased difficulty due to a lack of foresight is something I can’t stand for). On one of the new construction jobs I did, the electrician was found to be working without proper licensure. A replacement was not
Found in a timely manner, and I was unable
To finish much of my work (knowing that eventually another electrician would be coming in and butchering the walls). I’ve also seen builders drink/gamble/who-knows-what all of the money devoted to project completion. You can imagine how one that line could turn out.

I do suppose there are ways to prevent yourself from getting screwed in the above scenarios. I, personally, would rather just avoid it altogether.
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