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New Construction

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I went back to a new construction house today that we finished about a month ago and got some nice shots with all their things moved in.

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Where is YO b 4 pics?
My man, what is wrong with asking 4 b 4 pics? I wasn't insinuating anything. Now don't make me insinuate that you are a smackass.
Just messing with ya, just wondered if you had any b 4 pics is all. Take a chill pill and enjoy the site. We like to goof around. Just watch out for some dude by the name of NEPS.
Cool, the pill has been chilled, and by the way....I have a few bathroom stalls that need demo-ing, know anyone good???
Ha..... now thats what i'm talking about my brother.:thumbsup:
By showing new drywall, he would be suggesting that he did the drywall. Then the guys from Drywall Talk would be over here picking fights with the painters. WWW War IV it would be. Why you want to start a war Tim? What's wrong with you man? :no:
At least it won't be a holy war.....huh??? Unless the tools going flying and penetrate the drywall. :blink:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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