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New guy/apprentice tricks

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Does anybody have any new guy or apprentice "intiation gags" or tricks they had played to them or have done themselves?

I recall a guy calling a new young guy over to show him why the colour was called "warm red". He was telling him that the pigment used actually emitted some heat and if he put his hand over the cutting can near the paint he could feel the "warmth". Young guy put his hand over it and a WHACK on his hand and into the paint his unsuspecting hand went. Everyone around sort of knew this trick and had a good laugh at the new guy's expense.
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While we were cutting in walls, one guy would call me into another room, I'd lay my brush on the edge of my cut-in bucket to see what he wanted. Another guy would sneak over and paint one side of my brush handle, and place the brush back with painted side down.

I'd come back and grab the brush..............I can't remember how many times they did that to me..........:cry:

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