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New in NC

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Hi folks, my name is Brandon. I've been painting for about 1 year now. I live in Greensboro, NC. I paint and clean out rental units after tenants leave. This is how I got started with painting. I'm not so big on the cleaning as i use to make more money as a full time janitor at 16, but I fell in love with the painting. Right now I'm just honing my skills, and when I get a vehicle, I know of a couple of old timers out here who will take me under their wing, lol. I know painting is for me when I dream about Painting, lol, it's the only job I've had that I look forward to or take pride in. lol The guys I work with take pride in their painting too, but I feel like there isn't much more they can or will teach me. They like having a cleaning slave around. But I'm gonna hang in there and I'll probably always paint, at least for fun. I have an obsession with trying new brushes, but all we use is duron paints, maybe switching to porter soon. Well, thats enough for now.
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Youy may want to get away from the people you are working with and work for a painting company where you can learn. Also, stick around here and read threads, read threads, read threads and read some more threads.
Welcome from Pittsburgh.
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