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Hello my Painting Brethren!

My name is Dave with Bridge Home Painting in Lethbridge AB Canada.

We're a small crew that's headed by the experience of an old school Patriarch who had set down his brush for few decades and set this up mostly as a seasonal gig to keep some family employed.

We've done other businesses and never truly applied to build this biz in earnest; always keeping flexibility and not wanting to over-promise a workload that would be patchy for employees.

As I've stepped in this year and Papa getting to age he shouldn't have to bust ass so hard; Im focusing on growing this business while instituting some systems.

Our workmanship is on point, we handle finances fine and well understand business and leadership principals- where we've always shinned across industries is in Customer service.

I am however trying to bust out of the no-mans land of creating enough work for a few of us, to running multiple crews in an effective, systemized manner that maintains continued growth....In short, I need Qualified Leads generated in a non-money & time wasting way ! The Golden Goose of lead generation lol

Please help advise on any success or direction when it comes to Google Ad Words, Best KEY WORDS, Facebook Ads (Have the local groups on lockdown) or targets worth pursuing.

Id greatly like to expand our commercial re-paints. Any info on approach, pricing and pitfalls to avoid with this segment of the industry

I look for ways to serve where I can

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Welcome to the group Dave - good intro. Good luck with expanding and growing the business.

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