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Aloha Yall!

I am a new business owner and painting contractor operating the great state of Washington.

I am a father of 3 kiddos and started painting seriously 2 years ago. After the first year of working with a retired painter I was forced to venture out on my own. At that time it was the only way I could afford our living situation ( living in Hawaii).

I just gathered all of the resources we had and jumped in. I have a background in sales and marketing and I have always been a very hard worker.

One of the things i did out there was linked up with two professionals and really got trained up on how to spray and how painters operated professionally out there.

My earnings and stress levels quadrupled over night.
Just left Hawaii and am in the beginning stages of registering my business here. I should be fully operational in around 4 to 6 weeks. I have a few ideas for marketing. Not really sure what people charge out here.

My whole concept behind my business is delivering professional quality results in a timely and efficient manner. No cutting corners. I stay positive and keep it fun but take care of business always.

Im going to go solo for as long as it takes to get booked out for 2 solid months. Once im booked i will hire one helper.

I cant say how much I learned in Hawaii operating my company. It was the wildwest out there in a lot of regards but I was able to make it and prove to myself i could do it.

Anyways much Aloha to yall. I saw some really good info here and I want to be active in this community because I know there are a lot of pros in here and professional business owners.

I have big big visions and am so very excited. Im willing to put every ounce of energy and effort into this thing. My family depends on it.

We were homeless on a beach when i started on my own in Hawaii. It started from a place of nothing else to lose but it continues in a place of passion for painting and passion for people.
Btw My name is Kyle

professional painting contractor - retired
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Glad to have you join us Kyle.
Good intro.
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