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Non-profit Orgs

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Am considering placing a bid on a church job. Will paint suppliers give additional discounts for non-profits, aside from the standard contractor's discounts?

I know that such orgs are tax exempt. How do I purchase the paint/supplies to maximize those discounts or does the org have to purchase?

I suspect there will be some restrictions so that a contractor cannot claim extra materials for other work???
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We've done a number of churches, church schools, synagogues, etc. over the years. I always give them my regular price.

Just because they are non-profit doesn't mean that I am. I only have so many man hours a year. I want to use them most efficiently and profitably.

Brian Phillips
That is the quote of the day in my little world! :laughing:
Does that mean I win a Top Coat t-shirt?

Actually, we have a couple of non-profits that are very good customers. They whine some about my price, and keep telling me that they are non-profits, but we have become their "go to guys". Both are high end non-profits (that seems like an oxymoron) and need to keep up their image.

They call on short notice sometimes with strange requests, and we've jumped through hoops to make it happen for them. For example, one had state inspectors coming in a week and needed certain work done to pass. They are "happy" to pay my price, which might explain in part why they are non-profit. ;)

Brian Phillips
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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