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Oil Based Paints

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I wonder if some of you contractors can help me out there? Do you still use oil based paints for your trim and doors? I still do as the finish and flow qualities of new water based paints just don't come up to scratch. My clients like to see a mirror finish on their doors and trim with no brush marks. Until the manufacturers can match that in a water wash up then I'm afraid oil based is still the go for me.:thumbup:
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Muralo's waterborne blows Moores away I know most for you guys don't have access to it but man I wish you could try it. Welove maybe you can get it in Ohio not sure.

As for waterborne products I like to use a soft 100% nylon - I use Wooster pro soft 2 1/2 or 3 in angle
This is all I use to this point ad it is great stuff. Your right about it being better than Moores version althought I still use the 3 inch angle Purdy.

I like woosters for any stain/sealers/varnishes only.
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