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Opinions Needed Here

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Situation: I have approx. 12 factory preprimed french doors and casing

Our proceedure: 1st we prepared the doors by sanding, caulking, and spackling nail holes
Sprayed 1st coat of Sherwin Williams Latex A-100 gloss enamel
2nd prep, check nail holes, light sand, dust off and applied 2nd coat.

We allowed 2 days drytime on the doors and trim, masked them off (normal proceedure for us) and sprayed the walls.

During tear down, the finish on the frames peeled off in sheets.....literally !

But the weird thing is, the factory primer is lifting from the casings, and the doors the paint will not even bond to. Has anyone run into this ?????

This is the second time this has happend over 12 years, both times within 1 year. The first time it only happend on the casings and Baseboards. The trim manufacturer had done tests stating that the primer was defective. But this time around the trim company, and door company are saying their primers are good, and of coarse my paint is no good.
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I am not sure but you may want to try an independent testing group. Yes it will cost you for the test. I wonder was the bare wood treated before the application of the factory primer. ;) I believe that may be the root of the problem.
If the doors are true particle board. The glue is most likely water based. I am not a chemist but...just as when painting over some of the newer wall paper..the paint can cause the water base glue to release...

Just a thought
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