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opinions on advetising ideas

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Generally advetising is a simple as getting in the phone book, calling builders and making the rounds. In my steadily growing area of the Hill country of Texas its not so simple. We have 11 seperate phone books put out seperately. Deffinately not phesable to advertise in 11 books. We are a very target based community. Mass mailing through the post office is another idea I've been thinking about. Word of mouth is of course my most used form of advertising. I'm a small business with 2 ft employees and 1 pt employee. Any suggestions............
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get online, not on paper
Get a website if you dont' already have one and advertise your website through yahoo, google, and msn, give your local paint stores some business cards and flyers, attend PDCA or other networking groups like BOMA, IFMA, if your doing residential hand out flyers door to door, direct mail is a great idea if your looking to do small amounts of mailing go through, if you dont have yard signs get some for residentials I go through AGE gracpics they are very high quality and very good price like 3.00 - 4.00 shiped with the steaks also has very fast turnaround, that pretty much somes up what I can think of.
We market oursleves by flyers. We go door to door. With 4 ppl handing it out, we can get flyers to 500 houses in 1.5 hours (so 6 total hours). So we cover a pretty good amount in a short time.
Call Mike at Rhino Sites...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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