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We don't do floor coverings, except for tile, laminate, and parquet.
I'm DONE doing re-roofs and complete roofs!
Not too much else we can't otherwise handle very well.
Specialize in interior work, remodels and repairs.
Recently got into powder coating and the space-age polymer coatings.
Fun stuff, for now!

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Well Nathan, since I am a painting company and desire to be compliant with my insurance company, I choose only to offer services that may be involved with a paintjob. That being said here goes (other than painting):

Texture removal
Basement sealing
Garage floor finishes
Window glazing
Gutter cleaning*
Wallpaper removal
Window cleaning*
Sheetrock repair

*the gutter and window cleaning are only per job, not exclusive services

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Cabinet refurbishing
Staining and finishing
Crown molding installation
Baseboards instalattion
Drywall repair
Drywall texturing
Water and fire damage

... and sometimes major cleaning to prepare for painting. Ha! Ha! We don't mind in that the customer is paying contractor prices for janitorial services.

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Well Techniacally painting was my add on but is fast becoming a huge portion of business.

Under My DBA HomeGuard Home Services we paint, build or revive decks, construct fences, repair siding and trim work, replace cielings, a little flooring(mostly tile)- we try to help our customer as fully as possible

Before my Home Services division was created our initial business is Pest Control. Where we do everything from structual repairs, termite and pest treatments, and our speciality Moisture control.

Oh yeah...we do a little escorting occationally:whistling2:
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