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PA checking in...

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Hey there! I've been surfin these boards for awhile now and haven't introduced myself...

My name is Paul and I'm the owner of Platinum Painting Professionals LLC (LLC as of last week:)) I came to learn, to contribute where I can and sometimes get a good laugh. I've been painting for 13 years and recently took the leap into independent contracting. Through the process of starting my business I've realized how much I need to really analyze my goals, and slooow down before I follow my first impulse.... its a bit overwhelming at times. I've read so many articles on here that have smashed a lot of what I thought I knew, which is a VERY good thing.

I am in the process of hammering out my business plan and a marketing plan. Next week I'll be attending a seminar at my local S.C.O.R.E. office and meeting with a score counselor the following day. Also reading The E-Myth Contractor...good stuff. The winter makes me anxious because I know the work could/will slow down. While I am still in the planning stages I'm sub-contracting from a former employer, contracting on my own...but waiting till my plan and logo are polished before officially launching under my business name.

Thanks for reading this super long intro o'mine....happy painting:gunsmilie:

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