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Pace 2008

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Is anyone going to PACE 2008?
And for those who have been in the past is it worth going to?

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Really depends upon what you are looking for. I would say if you are interested in expanding your business, particularly in the commercial or industrial sector you can meet lots of suppliers and lots of reps who can open some doors for you (provided you buy their goods). I've been twice and I'd say once is enough. If your looking to move into some new technologies like specialized surface prep you will see lots of gizmo's. Aside from a few new toys there's not much for the residential guys that's worth flying across the country. SSPC sponsors some good training courses if you want to move into the industrial world.

I was with a commercial outfit at the time and we connected with the Triarch people. They trained some of our people and certified the company and we have done a few jobs with thier products.

Anyway...if you haven't been definitely go and take it all in.

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Wolverine Coatings will be there! Woot... lol..

Actually, I used to go every year but it's not really worth it! It's expensive to have a booth.

In my opinion, it seems like the show is more about blasting and media than paint. I think they should change the name to:

hmmm.... maybe it's not the best place to be then. I'm still looking into it though. Trying to justify the cost.
Dude... It's LA...

One trip to the boardwalk at Hunington Beach justifies it...! ;)


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I will be there! Great time for a vacation at the end of January and its in LA woot woot! I got my plane tickets for free so I can't complain about the 1,000-2,000 in tickets and expenses it will cost me. Also I havent been to one of these yet and its right before the home and garden show so im hoping to learn a few things come back do the home and garden show and start wacking peoples heads off. They are going to have alot of seminars and classes that im looking forward to. We have 14 painters right now and 2-4 subs im sure I will learn a few things that will help me grow and manage more effectively.
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