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Paint estimator

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Have you guys ever heard of or used this site I checked this out and it does not compare to my bids. I used my living room as an example and this thing was way off with what i came up with. Hope home owners don't use this to compare rates, we all will be in trouble.
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I believe it can be a good starting point. I know some on here said they would not use it, but why not "USE" it?

Imagine what it can do to cripple or atleast injure the classified painters in every local newspaper in America. How would a painter be able to come into a house and quote $75 for ceiling, walls and trim when the homeonwer who does their research sees a more true and honest quote from this bot estimator?

Homeowners are not stupid, they are just ignorant to what we know as contractors just like I am ignorant to the job they perform daily.

IMO anything that a homeowner can get in their hands that breaks off the trunk slamming hacks like a stick gets my Vote.:thumbup:
I do not mind anyone on my batlefield. You just have to be a general and take the field. Sell the benefits you offer. Load up the picures on them. Ask their concerns and answer them. If you do not get the bid after that consider yourself a winner and the other guy the weiner.
Thats my General of choice since I am his kin folk mister... :)
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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