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Have you guys ever heard of or used this site I checked this out and it does not compare to my bids. I used my living room as an example and this thing was way off with what i came up with. Hope home owners don't use this to compare rates, we all will be in trouble.
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Einstein says to print the estimate out and give it to your painting contractor. I wouldn't want my customers showing up with those things. Good thing I live in Canada, we don't have zip codes...:)
Imagine what it can do to cripple or atleast injure the classified painters in every local newspaper in America. How would a painter be able to come into a house and quote $75 for ceiling, walls and trim when the homeonwer who does their research sees a more true and honest quote from this bot estimator?
I agree with you 4thGeneration, but I also see it both ways here. Here they also may use this tool to compare. For those customers that want cheap rather than quality, they will quote their own room, see that it should be around $500, but Joe Blow said he would do it for $300. At this point, they may figure, why even bother with other estimates. They may use this tool as the "norm" and go off what each quote compares to it.
When it comes down to it, I am confident in the service I am selling and that it is a skilled trade and a quality job, and that comes at a price. If the customer questions my estimate, a detailed and explained breakdown of why the estimate is quoted at that price will be necessary. But for those who question these prices, this website gives them now more weight behind their haggling power.

An uneducated customer will most of the time want a lower price, and with a printout of what this website quotes their living room at, it is more of a battle to overcome.
$1026 for a 12x14 bedroom: 2 coats on walls, ceiling, 2 windows, one door, and baseboard. No way could I charge that.
Why the heck not. Surprisingly, this site finally put out a half decent quote. Having said that, a 12x14 room with windows, the ceiling 2 coats, baseboards, doors, thats no small job. Like plainpainter said, thats a couple days right there.

After materials which would probably be a couple hundred (depending on your $/gallon), your not really left with all that much. Lets say 250 for materials, gas to get there every day, phone, bla bla, $300 for 3 days work on one room. Thats $700 for you and your company. Which is really not a whole lot, its not bad, but its not what I set my sights on.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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