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Paint Pricing?

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I'm curious how you charge for cabinet refinishing. How do you price this job? I recently quoted a job by having a price per door and drawer front. What else cost gets added to the job estimate? Does that price include materials?
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This is my first post =)
This is how we charge.
price per door
price per drawer
price per side panel
price for knob placement
price per large pantry doors
price per glass door
price for inside box (usually if they have glass door we paint inside that and where the microwave goes)
price per shelves
We charge a fee for additional colours
we charge a fee for swapping hinges to soft close
price per large damaged area. if we have to fix edge bandings or if veneer is damaged.
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We only do cabinet so i have pretty much nailed my formula. I have an excel sheet that I just input the information in and it gives me a price. Hourly is not something that people would go for. They want to know what the cost is and decided if they want to do it or not. Also your price will be different if you have a shop or if you will do everything at a clients house.
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