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Paint suggestions for theater room

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Coming out of lurkdom and unfortunately have a question that could spark yet another paint preference debate. (I confess, I love reading them.):yes:

Client is picking a a very dark color. Not sure what exact color yet but I know it will be dark for good reason. (Theater room) Also, it needs to be as low sheen as possible because it's a theater room. Since people often stumble around in the darkness of a theater room, I would also like the paint to be washable and easily touched up.
I have access to:
Pittsburgh Paints(although the only one store in my area doesn't answer their phone on Saturdays...not a good sign)

I'm leaning towards trying P&L's Red Seal Porcelain Flat. That is, of course if I can't talk her into a charcoal Ralph Lauren Suede coated with Dead Flat sealer from Modern Masters.:thumbup:

Any and all suggestions appreciated except BM. (been boycotting them for 15 years. sorry BM enthusiasts )
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This one is easy!

Silencer 3551... No Gloss... Sound Dampening... We've got about 150 gallons in stock...

If you want to recommend something that no one else is going to compete with... offer the coating that improves the sight... AND... the sound!
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