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Paint suggestions for theater room

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Coming out of lurkdom and unfortunately have a question that could spark yet another paint preference debate. (I confess, I love reading them.):yes:

Client is picking a a very dark color. Not sure what exact color yet but I know it will be dark for good reason. (Theater room) Also, it needs to be as low sheen as possible because it's a theater room. Since people often stumble around in the darkness of a theater room, I would also like the paint to be washable and easily touched up.
I have access to:
Pittsburgh Paints(although the only one store in my area doesn't answer their phone on Saturdays...not a good sign)

I'm leaning towards trying P&L's Red Seal Porcelain Flat. That is, of course if I can't talk her into a charcoal Ralph Lauren Suede coated with Dead Flat sealer from Modern Masters.:thumbup:

Any and all suggestions appreciated except BM. (been boycotting them for 15 years. sorry BM enthusiasts )
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SW casmere would be good.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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