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This is directed at any of you guys who still browse Contractor Talk. I did for a while when Paint Talk first came about, but quickly realized this site is much better (for painters) because of the strict focus on painting and painting only.

My question is simply, what are folks saying over on CT about Paint Talk? None of them are allowed on this site, except painters, but there used to be a feeling of not being welcome over there as a painter. What's the paint section like over there these days?
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I'm not sure I understand the comment that some people felt painters were unwelcome on and I hope that isn't the case. Painter always have been and always will be welcome over there.
The fact is that my background is more in the painting industry than in other fields (even though I did build homes for a while) so I think I just attracted more painters in the beginning than some other trades. At the same time a lot of the good painting forums that used to be out there either shut down or became overrun with off topic banter and no rules.
A lot of trades have trade specific sites and general sites so I thought there was a need for another good painting forum so I decided to start Not to replace the painting topic on but to just give another paint specific outlet for painters to come together. I'm going to be releasing a few other trade specific sites as well and plan on launching in the next day or so.

To answer our questions as to why go over to now I believe I have the answer. The reason I started was because I visited a lot of trade specific sites and noticed that all the business/marketing/tech/hr/accoutning/etc.. discussion was the same across all trades. Contractor Talk is meant to bring the trades together and share that knowledge. There are some great minds over there and I think we can all learn by asking and sharing.

Does that make sense?
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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