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This is directed at any of you guys who still browse Contractor Talk. I did for a while when Paint Talk first came about, but quickly realized this site is much better (for painters) because of the strict focus on painting and painting only.

My question is simply, what are folks saying over on CT about Paint Talk? None of them are allowed on this site, except painters, but there used to be a feeling of not being welcome over there as a painter. What's the paint section like over there these days?
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One thing about CT I enjoy is that because of the sheer number of guys and diversity in the trades represented there you come across some guys that really have their sh-- together. I have learned a ton.

Its almost too active over there though. If you miss a couple of days and click on 'new posts' you have between 4-8 pages of threads to sift through. I kinda like it over here because of the closer similarity in trades and more community feel.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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