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looking on how do i go about getting some insurance, seems all are asking for it, these days, im in upstate
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To both of you:

Flip open your yellowpages, and start calling insurance companies/agents. Tell them you need a commercial liability policy for your business. They will take it from there.
Try the place where you got your Auto or Homeowners Insurance
(I mean the agent/broker)
That's the first place to ask
They usually are thrilled to sell you some more
I don't know about the other poster, but I know for myself, I was looking for some feedback about actual experiences with companies.

Maybe some pointers about good companies, rates, customer service and so on.

Mostly, I would like to know where to get good rates, obviously.

Since everyone here that already has coverage has already gone through that process, it would be nice to get some feedback about that.

Sorry for not making my post more detailed.

You need to check with others from your state(s) I know for a $1 million liability policy it's about $500/$600 in RI. and Ct. is about $700 or so.
For good rates check with your local Ins. companies, each one will want a different price. But you do need it, just incase something did happen. As long as you do a good/safe job, clean up, remove anything someone can trip over and so on you'll be ok.

The minimum you can have in RI is $500,000, I wouldn't go with that. I think a million or more is better. But it depends on what type of work your doing. I work on some houses that cost more than a million. So that wouldn't even cover the cost if the house burnt down.

I know one person that burnt a house to the ground. Used the fire place because it was winter (was a summer home) without the owners there. Some how that night the house caught on fire.

And some painters left rags soaked with something in a storage area of a house. Some how what ever they used caught on fire and it burnt as well.

So how much Ins. do you need?
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Our policy is 2 million state requirement in Ohio is 1 million... $1,000 bucks a year is what we pay for general liability not including four company vehicles and up 8 drivers thats another 500-800 per year. Our policy does inclde equipment coverage and such. We had one claim in ten years roof overspray. We have one insurance company for everything home, auto, boat, life, investments whole nine yards. We have delt with corporate, national and the mom and pop companies over the years. I find the mom and pops shops to be more efficent, personal and oginized. BTW my wife totaled our 2004 windstar with only 30,000 miles we just took off full coverage 1 month ago. Im not in a good mood.
I'm not sure how much coverage I need right now.

I am waitng on quotes from 4 different places right now.

I asked for different levels of insurance from them all and I will deide from there.

I'm guessing 1 million would be a good starting place.
1 million is a good number to start with.

I have no reviews or comments on how 'good' my policy is as I've never had to pull a claim on it. *knocks on wood

I am very impressed with the efficient way they consistently cash my checks though.
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