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Painting Contractor Training....

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I was wondering if someone knows any training programs where I can be introduced to learning the painting techniques like surface preparations, paint selections, application of paint and coatings, costing and estimating etc.

If someone can guide me in this direction, I will really appreciate it.

B Soni
Custom Concrete Applications, LLC
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Runamuk;3865[COLOR=red said:
]My honest opinion is to go to work for a custom home painter,[/COLOR] the more old school the better, and become a craftsman.

Anybody can paint like a "Slop Jockey".

"We'll paint any room in your house for $99"

"We'll paint your entire exterior for $2200"

"The guy going down the highway with his airless hose hanging out and the truck is half covered in paint"

These are just a few warning signs!

I pay the same attention to detail to a 800 sq ft granny flat as I do to a 6700 sq ft mansion.

How many of them are left and in any position to hire anybody?

I agree with you but in this ecomomy( or whatever you want to call it) it is not practical
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