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Painting exterior KDAT tongue and groove porch floor

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This may not qualify as specialty coatings but it's not exactly run of the mill either. Let me know if I should post in general

I am installing and finishing a 600 sq ft porch with kiln dried, treated tongue and groove flooring. I have dried the boards to below 10% and the manufacturer requires oil primer on all sides before install and oil top coat after. The dirt crawl space below will be encapusated with 10 mil vapor barrier and well ventilated so I am not predicting much moisture from below and the floor has a roof over it but will receive some driving rain and plenty of humidity here in GA. Any recommendations for primer and finish coat? The primer would ideally be thin bodied and very quick drying so we could install directly after spraying or rolling. My first thoughts were Zinsser oil based Cover Stain and BM alkyd porch & floor enamel
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