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Painting fresh plaster

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It's been years since I have had to paint new plaster. I can't find any paperwork or notes on any job in the past that I have had to prime and paint new plaster. So, my question is this:

What would you recommend as a primer for new plaster? By new I mean it is a new plaster skimcoat, but has dried/cured for over 9 months. My first instinct would be an acrylic primer like BM FreshStart.

Any numbers as to material usage? I know it will be more porous than drywall, but how much? 50%? 100%? Anyone with a typical sq ft of coverage for new plaster?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Anything for masonry should do the trick for your initial coat, but I'd watched that the moisture content was in an acceptable range and it had cured properly.

I've never painted over fresh interior plaster.

Stucco exteriors have usually been at least a week, and usually two or more, before we applied any paint to them... and we've just used exterior latex, usually sprayed. But that's probably different.

I suppose I'd use SW Loxon for a primer in a new interior situation.
It would be a hi-dollar gig, here in ca...

Labor intensity, skill to apply plaster efficiently, and cure time are probably the factors that led us to sheetrock interiors.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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