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Painting fresh plaster

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It's been years since I have had to paint new plaster. I can't find any paperwork or notes on any job in the past that I have had to prime and paint new plaster. So, my question is this:

What would you recommend as a primer for new plaster? By new I mean it is a new plaster skimcoat, but has dried/cured for over 9 months. My first instinct would be an acrylic primer like BM FreshStart.

Any numbers as to material usage? I know it will be more porous than drywall, but how much? 50%? 100%? Anyone with a typical sq ft of coverage for new plaster?

Any help would be appreciated.
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PWG, I had a link about this, but can't find it. There's definately ways to treat new plaster, even plaster that's cured for 9 months.

The dusty porosity tends to make coatings peel. I'd thin a first coat of primer and then use a straight second coat of primer.

or maybe check out the idea of an emulsifier to get a nice bond.
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