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painting over Rl suede

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i am painting over a brown ralph lauren seude wall for the first time...i am just covering it with flat i need to latex prime or oil prime over the suede paint...
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You shouldn't have to prime so far as adhesion is concerned. The problem is going to be the texture will show through the paint. Did you sand it first?
yea i figured the texture was going to show through and i will give the wall a light pole sand...i told the customer about the texture coming through and they are okay with that cause i told them it would be alot of extra $ for me to spackle and make the walls normal again...i was just a little concerned about the chalky texture of the suede paint..and it is also dark brown suede color
I have painted over a few over the years and the ones I primed with a good primer looked better. You could tint the primer close to the top coat if coverage and multiple coat becomes an issue.
Just be careful, do your "light" sanding a little "harder" as the spheres in the RL will be disturbed and can cause a complete nightmare when doing the repaint. Also clean your brush periodically to avoid the spherical build up of any loosened RL product.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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